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Jim Livingston



Who is Jim Livingston?

Born in the age of Disco I grew up torn between two worlds. One was my life on a small subsistence farm on the outskirts of Salem, Oregon and the alternative dazzling entrapment of big city Portland less than an hours drive away. This diversity of schemas would contribute greatly to who I am today; evident by my Jack-of-all-trades ability, commitment to details and processes, as well as my persistent exploration of multiple vantage points.

Enriched by an abundant life I have laid my head to rest in many places. Some of the more memorable pillows include the tiny island of Ketchikan, Alaska; the arduous Sand Hill Barracks in Fort Benning, Georgia; the Highlands of Scotland; and the provincial capital of Latina, Italy.

I have held many positions outside of the Tech Sector, including Project Management. At each I have leveraged my technological prowess to enhance the company. I am driven by a profound sense of service. It is my sincere ambition to help others and it is why I continue to seek out opportunities where I can make a difference.

Current Certifications:

CWNA - Certified Wireless Network Administrator

ECSE - Ekahau Certified Survey Expert

WLAN Survey Professional

MCSA - Windows 8

Stay tuned for more!


Climbing the Ladder.

Velaspan Inc.

Network Systems Engineer

Perform Wireless Site Surveys and deploy network devices including WLCs and Switches asterisk Hands on experience using Cisco Meraki Access Points for Site Surveys asterisk Determine optimal placement of Access Points for Voice, Location, and Data usage asterisk Conduct Spectrum Analysis asterisk Support Wireless Services for large conferences and events

February 2016 - 2017
June 2013 - February 2016

Adept Technologies LLC

Wireless Network Engineer

Conducted Wireless Passive and Active Site Surveys at 61 sites in 15 countries asterisk Wireless Spectrum Analysis asterisk Installed Access Points, WLAN Controllers and other network hardware asterisk Prepare detailed reports and documentation asterisk Configure autonomous Access Points asterisk Troubleshoot connectivity, interference, and coverage issues asterisk Design WLAN deployments and remediations


Technical Advisor

Provide technical support for consumer and business customers needing help with a myriad of technologies, such as cell phones, personal computers, tablets, and software. asterisk System builds, repairs, virus removal, Windows configurations, data backups and retrievals. asterisk Conduct personal trainings covering Microsoft technologies. asterisk Educate Sales Team.

April 2012 – June 2013
December 2006 – August 2008

Synergies International

Communications & Project Manager

Facilitated all levels of communications both internally and among vendors and clients. asterisk Responsible for the entire life-cycle of the order process between retail/wholesale clients and factories in India and Pakistan asterisk Manage bids, sample approvals, purchase orders, and bill of ladings

Lewis Motors

Business Manager

Directly managed customer service operations asterisk Initiated and directed the transformation from an entirely paper-based system to a computerized environment, including: fleet tracking, reservations management, and customer database. asterisk Oversaw the company's migration from a Payless Car Rental franchise to a Budget Car Rental franchise.

April 1998 – September 2000
October 2000 – July 2001


IT Support & Account Manager

Provided solutions for clients of the B2B Sales Department asterisk Developed a local Intranet application which aggregated needed vendor resources for business account managers asterisk Assist fellow Account Managers with servicing their customers, by using my knowledge of products and technologies asterisk Desktop support - hardware and software

Berkeley Florist and Garden Center

Garden Center Manager and Accounts Receivable

Responsible for all dimensions of the billing cycle; data entry, invoices, payment remittance and reconciliation, collections, etc. asterisk Research and solve account discrepancies asterisk Initiated and implemented the transformation from a paper-based to a computerized billing system, which improved billing efficiency and accounts receivable collections asterisk  Provide direct customer service to all accounts.

August 2001 – December 2006
May 1998 - June 2013

Self Employed

IT Consultant & Freelance Graphic/Web Designer

Design and develop commercial and non-profit websites asterisk Counsel clients regarding online marketing and social networking asterisk Assist clients in gauging technical needs and providing solutions to match asterisk Provide commercial and consumer desktop and network support - hardware and software asterisk Educate and train clients on systems and software asterisk Commercial desktop publishing - brochures, business cards, letterheads, etc.


A Lifetime of Learning!

Bachelor's degree, Social Sciences

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Camden


Graduated Cum Laude with a 3.627 GPA

Rutgers-Logo Liberal Arts (I & II), Finite Mathematics, Psychology II, Ab Psych, Pop Psych, Psych & the Law, Law & Society, Prisons, Criminal Justice, Juvenile Justice, Social Research.

Associate of Arts, Education

Raritan Valley Community College


Graduated with a 3.85 GPA

Courses included: Precalc (I & II), Statistics, Literature of the Holocaust, Philosophy, Sociology, Child Psych, Ed Psych, Science & Society, Foundations of Ed, and Educational Field Experience.


What Others are Saying About Me.



Bridgewater NJ